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Belinda Joynes is based in the coastal city of Mandurah in Western Australia but spent most of her childhood in the Pilbara and Goldfields regions of WA. The vast landscapes of the Australian outback, as well as the waterways and wetlands found around Mandurah, have influenced Belinda’s interest in the way that contemporary, urbanised Australians connect with our environment.


After a visit to Europe in 2011, Belinda became interested in the way that our mythology and stories from the past influence our sense of identity, spirituality and sense of place.

Belinda uses bold colours, patterns, book pages and spiritual iconography to create very detailed works. She recently held her first solo exhibition which was an exploration of myths and stories from around the world, using an Australian, female perspective.


I consider myself a storyteller and I am fascinated with myths, fables and history from our past. My work explores our changing spirituality in a globalised world and seeks to express the hybridity of cultural influences in modern society. Recently I have also been exploring the expression of identity through the lens of nostalgia, memory and pattern.

My process begins by painting very freely and intuitively, layering the paint, patterns and book pages to illustrate a story. My final stage feels almost meditative and involves drawing over the top of the painting to create detail and connections within the work. I am heavily influenced by artists such as Klimt and Matisse and this is evident by my use of impressionistic brush strokes and pointillism to express movement and energy throughout the composition.

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